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What is Celiac Disease? 

The following is a short & sweet explanation of Celiac Disease.  For a more detailed definition, click on the Celiac Disease tab at the top of the page.    

Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are nutritionally valuable. The condition causes damage due to a reaction from eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats.

The exact cause of celiac disease is unknown. The lining of the intestines contains areas that help absorb nutrients from food. When people with celiac disease eat foods containing gluten, the immune system attacks these areas of absorption. Long term, the damage affects the ability to absorb nutrients properly.

A person with celiac disease will become malnourished no matter how much food is eaten due to the inability of the body to absorb vital nutrients.
Because the intestines do not absorb many important vitamins, minerals, and other parts of food, the following symptoms are the most likely to occur over time: bruising easily, depression or anxiety, fatigue, hair loss, itchy skin, mouth ulcers, muscle cramps and joint pain, nosebleeds, seizures, tingling or numbness in hands or feet and unexplained short height.
Children with celiac disease are likely to experience some of the following symptoms: defects in tooth enamel and a discoloring of the teeth, delayed puberty, nausea or vomiting, irritability, poor weight gain and slowed growth.

Celiac disease cannot be cured. However, your symptoms will go away and the villi in the lining of the intestines will heal if you follow a lifelong gluten-free diet. Do not eat foods, beverages, and medications that contain wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.

Chef Purposefully Serves Gluten to Patrons with Gluten Intolerance!

Chef Damian Cardone in Glenwood Springs, Colorado has been serving his patrons extra gluten despite their order requests.   Self admittedly he thinks that gluten sensitivity is BS and has decided that he is going to feed his paying patrons gluten.  The following quote was taken from his facebook page earlier this month…

“Gluten free is B***S***!!  Flour and bread have been a staple of life for thousands, THOUSANDS of years. People who claim to be gluten intolorent dont realize that its all in there disturbed liitle heads. People ask me for gluten free pasta in my restaurant all the time, I tell em sure, Then I serve serve em our pasta, Which I make from scratch with high gluten flour. And you know what? nothing, NOTHING! ever happens! People leave talking about how good they feel gluten free and guess what, They just had a full dose! Idiots!”


This guy is a real piece of work.  He should be brought up on criminal charges, his restaurant should be closed down, and he should be stripped of his chef status.

If the guy doesn’t want to acknowledge gluten sensitivity fine, but to serve it to people against their will is an outrage.  This is a perfect example of why I don’t recommend eating out at random.  Damian was dumb enough to post his criminal activity on facebook, but how many others are out there with the same malicious mindset toward the gluten free community?

Let’s work to get this guy out of the food industry all together.  You can file a complaint with the Colorado Dept of Law Attorney Generals Office Here.

Contact your local celiac support organizations and get them on board.  Share this article on facebook and twitter using the links below and with anyone else you know.  If we can make an example of Damian’s criminal acts, we can discourage others from doing the same.

Be wary where you eat.  The more control you have over your food supply the better off you will be.

Special Thanks to John Libonati for spear heading this effort!


Celiac Disease Vaccine!  What?  Wow!  Would YOU get one?

Researchers are looking to develop a vaccine for patients with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  The vaccine would supposedly allow the return of gluten to the diet.  Does this sound like insanity to anyone else?

Gluten sensitivity is a genetic issue.  The body does not want gluten and people have an immune reaction as a result of exposure.  Does it make sense to ignore the wisdom of your body so that you can return to foods that are unhealthy and make you sick?

So here is the breakdown:

The vaccination will target the immune response to gluten.   Several considerations are being left out:

  1. Some people have indirect immune responses to gluten.
  2. Some people do not digest gluten.  This lack of digestion causes gut fermentation, dysbiosis, and can lead to leaky gut syndrome.  No vaccine will address this issue.
  3. There are thousands of gluten proteins.  If we use the flu vaccine as an analogy, how can we be sure that a vaccine for gluten will address all of the potential toxic gluten peptides?
  4. Gluten causes the gut to increase zonulin production.  This non immune response causes leaky gut, brain, skin, and lungs.

It is fantastic that these researchers are studying gluten more diligently.  Just don’t hold your breath for a medical cure.  The cure is the prevention.  Don’t eat gluten, don’t get sick.




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